Villanova University Academic Calendar 2022-2023 [PDF]

Check out the Villanova University Academic Calendar 2022-2023 here and plan for your academic schedule at the university. Here in the article, you will find the printable collection for the various types of Villanova University academic and term dates calendars. You can subsequently take the calendar in your academic planning in the course of your educational program at Villanova University.

Villanova University

Villanova is the name of a private research university that is based in the Pennsylvania state of USA. The university was established in the year of 1842 and was named after Saint Thomas of Villanova. Villanova is the oldest active catholic university in the state of Pennsylvania however it offers its educational program both to Catholics and other scholars.

The University is well famous among the top doctorate universities in the country. For the same, it’s also recognized as the highest research university in Pennsylvania and across the USA. You can explore the number of high educational programs in the domain of research within the university.

Villanova University Calendar 2022-2023

We all know that the planning of the university’s academic schedule begins from the official calendar of the university. We have taken the same into our consideration and have therefore prepared the Villanova university calendars. With this calendar, you can plan for the academic schedule of the university systematically.

Date School Calendar Day
21 Feb 2022 School begins for students Monday
1 Apr 2022 Spring Term ends Friday
19 Apr 2022 Summer Term begins for students Tuesday
6 Jun 2022 School begins for students Monday
21 July 2022 Summer Term ends Thursday
5 Sept 2022 Autumn Term begins for students Monday
16 Dec 2022 Autumn Term ends – 12.25 PM finish for students Friday
4 January 2023 Spring Term begins for students Wednesday
20 Feb 2023 School begins for students Monday
31 March 2023 Spring Term ends Friday
17 Apr 2023 Summer Term begins for students Monday
5 June 2023 School begins for students Monday
21 July 2023 Summer Term ends Friday

We believe that with the proper planning you can make the most of the Villanova University academic schedule. It helps you in seeking the most productivity from the official academic schedule so that you can effectively conduct your studies. This is the reason why we highly recommend our fellow scholars to use the Villanova University calendar. The good news is that they can all now get the academic calendar of the university from here.

Villanova University Holidays 2022-2023

The Villanova University holidays 2022-2023 schedule is officially out by the university for all the scholars. We all await the holidays of the university since these are highly precious days for all the scholars. Scholars have the option of planning and enjoying these holidays following their personal preferences.

Villanova University Holidays 2021-2022

For instance, they can plan to allocate the holidays to some other activities such as spending time with friends & family, etc. Similarly, they can enjoy the Villanova University Academic Calendar 2022-2023 official schedule. We have here compiled the up-to-date Villanova University Academic Calendar for the consideration of all our readers. It will help them in the planning of all the ongoing holidays of the university and make the most of them.

Villanova University Academic Calendar 2022-2023

The academic calendar of Villanova University Academic Calendar is highly useful for all the scholars of the university. It’s because the calendar is the only tool with which they can get to know about the official academic schedule of the university. This is why we highly recommend the academic calendar of the university to all our readers.

Date Schedule Day
23 Feb 2022 Year 8 – HPV vaccination first dose Wednesday
24 Feb 2022 Year 8 – Parents’ and Carers’ Evening Thursday
3 March 2022 Year 8 – Preference Evening Thursday
14 March 2022 COVID-19 Vaccination consent is due Monday
17 March 2022 Year 9 – Parents’ and Carers’ Evening Thursday
22 March 2022 COVID-19 Vaccination for students Tuesday
23 March 2022 COVID-19 Vaccination for students Wednesday
24 March 2022 Year 9 – Options Evening Thursday
2 May 2022 Bank Holiday Monday
8 June 2022 Parent/Carer Forum Wednesday
24 June 2022 Inset Day Friday
29 Sept 2022 Open Evening (September 2023 Admission) Thursday
30 Sept 2022 Inset Day Friday
25 Nov 2022 Inset Day Friday
17 Dec 2 Jan 2023 Christmas Holidays —-

You can here check out the full-fledged Villanova university academic calendar 2022-2023 for your reference. This calendar is highly useful in checking out the academic activities of the university for the ongoing year. For instance, it contains the starting and ending dates of the academic session of the university. It also contains precise information on the schedule of exams and also the period of holidays.

Villanova University Academic Calendar 2022-2023

We believe the Villanova University academic calendar is going to help out all the scholars. So, feel free to take a look at our Villanova university calendar and also share it with others as well.

Villanova University Terms 2022-2023

Looking for the Villanova University Academic Calendar 2022-2023? Well, you don’t need to search for it anywhere else since we have got it here for you. You can just take a look at the Villanova University terms 2022-2023 here to get ahead with the academic year. Our Villanova University terms 2022-2023 match with the official term dates of the university at its official website. You don’t, therefore, need to visit the official website of the university since you can easily get it from here.

Term Start End
Half Term 30 May 2022 3 June 2022
Half Term 24 Oct 2022 28 Oct 2022
Half Term 13 Feb 2023 17 Feb 2023
Half Term 29 May 2023 2 June 2023

We are offering this Villanova University Academic Calendar 2022-2023 schedule both in printable and digital formats. You can accordingly choose the desired format of the calendar to meet your compatibility criteria. If you are someone who wishes to carry the term date calendar of Villanova university then we highly recommend you to use the digital format of the calendar. 

It offers the ultimate portability feature to the users and they can also carry it with them anytime. So, if you like our Villanova University term dates calendar, then kindly do share it with other scholars as well. 

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